Safety advice issued to help keep cyclists safe on South Yorkshire roads

Safety advice has been issued to South Yorkshire cyclists who may be dusting off their bikes for Cycle to Work Day next month.

Joanne Wehrle, manager of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, is urging cyclists to enrol on ‘Dr Bike’ sessions run across the county where cyclists can have their bikes checked over for roadworthiness.

The Partnership, aimed at improving road user safety and reducing injuries on South Yorkshire roads, is also offering free cycling training for those wanting to improve their skills.

Ms Wehrle said: “With Cycle to Work Day coming up on September 3, people may be getting ready by dusting off their cycles and getting back in the saddle.

“Take advantage of the free ‘Dr Bike’ sessions across South Yorkshire to get your bike checked over.

“Those who want to improve their confidence and cycling skills can take advantage of free adult cycle training and coaching on offer throughout South Yorkshire.”

She urged cyclists to take care on the roads and appealed for motorists to more aware of bikes.

“Whether it’s for work, school or pleasure cycling has many benefits - it’s fun, gets you fit, is good for the environment and can save you time and money.

“But cyclists and drivers need to follow some simple rules and look out for one another in a bid to minimise the number of conflicts and help riders to enjoy cycling safely.

“Make sure other roads users see you. Wearing high visibility clothing or accessories makes you more visible to other road users, especially at night and in reduced light conditions.

“Make your intentions clear to other road users. Make eye contact with drivers and show them your intentions in plenty of time.”