Rubbish dumpers given hefty fine


A GOLDTHORPE resident is one of two women forced to pay a hefty price for fly tipping.

Haley Bunney, 23, of Carlton Street, Grimethorpe, appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court on September 6 to face a charge of fly tipping after an anonymous tip-off to Barnsley Council.

She was witnessed dumping household waste into the gardens of empty properties on Poplar Avenue, Goldthorpe.

Officers from the the council investigated, and were led by evidence they found in the waste, to another property on the same road.

Investigators interviewed the householder at Poplar Avenue to find out how waste from her address had ended up being dumped at other properties by Miss Bunney.

Miss Bunney pleaded guilty and was fined £100, plus £196.95 towards the council’s costs and a victim surcharge of £15 - a total of £311.95.

Tracey Beeley, 46, appeared before Barnsley magistrates the same day. She admitted paying Miss Bunney to take her waste away and faced a duty of care charge under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act.

She received a conditional discharge for six months, and was ordered to pay £196.95 towards council costs.

Cabinet Spokesperson for Development, Environment and Culture (Operations), Coun Roy Miller, said: “Fly tipping is a serious environmental offence; it makes areas look run down, which can deter investment. It can be hazardous to health and a fire risk, and can attract more waste to an area. In this case the waste was dumped at empty privately owned properties on the same street.

“Where evidence leads to the person/s responsible for fly tipping we will always pursue the matter through the courts, in the hope that this will send out a clear message to others that this sort of irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated in Barnsley.

“Householders should also note that they can end up facing charges if they are not careful about who they give their waste to.

People should always use a licensed waste carrier when disposing of their waste, to ensure it isn’t just dumped around the corner, as happened in this case.

“We would like to thank the public for reporting this and would encourage anyone who witnesses fly tipping to report it to Barnsley Council on 01226 772468. Your details can remain confidential even if the matter proceeds to court.”