Rotherham youngster Caleb’s early festive present

Caleb Hatfield.
Caleb Hatfield.

A disabled Rotherham youngster will be able to get out and about more this Christmas - thanks to donations through a unique charity scheme.

Caleb Hatfield, aged two, of Rawmarsh, has a congenital disorder which means he is oxygen dependent and fed through a tube in his stomach.

But he has now been provided with a specialist car seat at a cost of £964 thanks to a nationwide initiative.

The money was raised through the profits of sales of 5p carrier bags from River Island stores, which are donated to the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children who provided the new car seat.

Mum Rosie said: “He is three in February but had already outgrown a standard car seat for children up to the age of four – he has a long body.

“He was uncomfortable because he was crunched up in the old seat, and it didn’t support his postural needs.”

It is vital that Caleb is properly seated to reduce the onset of further health problems.

She added: “The new seat is much better for him – he can sit up straight and his head is now supported, which helps with his breathing.

“That’s particularly important at this time of year because he gets a lot of congestion and sitting properly means he is less likely to choke. The seat also has a five-point harness.”