Rotherham science centre to open after winds damaged roof

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The Magna centre is to reopen next month after fierce winds tore off part of its roof ‘like a tin of sardines’.

The science adventure centre on Sheffield Road, Rotherham, is due to open its doors in the first week of February.

Education manager Stuart Ballard said: “The roofers have told us they’re going to take two-and-a-half to three weeks and they’re starting on January 13.

“Unless they get up there and see it’s worse than they thought, we hope to open week beginning February 3.”

The damage to the roof above the centre’s main exhibit space followed extreme weather on December 5.

Stuart said: “It was a very windy day and we have corrugated sheet metal on the roof.

“Some of the roof bolts started to pull through and we had a 30 to 40-metre section that was being shaken like a rug.

“The rippling bit flipped back like a tin of sardines.”

The damage occurred at about 2pm, which meant fortunately many of the school groups which had been visiting were already leaving.

The building was evacuated and the main attraction has been closed ever since.

Stuart said: “There are winds and storms still forecast so as a health and safety precaution we are keeping the main attraction shut. Unfortunately visitors and schools won’t be able to come in.”

Christmas parties were unaffected and the centre’s corporate, conference and events areas remain up and running.

Roofers have temporarily fixed down the piece of roof that was ripped away but further repair work needs to be carried out.

Visitors are advised to keep checking the Magna website for updates.