Rotherham launches gum campaign

IT clings to shoes, ruins your clothes and can be a real eyesore.....

So Rotherham Council is hoping its new chewing gum campaign will stick - and result in cleaner streets around the borough.

Rotherham is one of 12 local authorities to link up with the Chewing Gum Action Group, in a £700,000 campaign against the sticky stuff.

Gum users will be reminded of their duty to use bins by a barrage of advertising including posters in shop windows.

Figures revealed by previous campaigning councils show gum litter to have been reduced by over 40 per cent.

Coun Richard Russell, cabinet member for waste and emergency planning for Rotherham Council, said: “Chewing gum litter is a significant problem in Rotherham’s streets and public spaces.

“We have partnered with the action group to raise awareness of the issue and encourage local residents to take action.

“In doing so we can expect to see improvements both to the local appearance and in cost savings.”

The Chewing Gum Action Group is chaired by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and funded by the chewing gum industry.