Rotherham Labour group - ‘We have not been able to do enough, quickly enough’

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

Rotherham’s Labour group has said it did not ‘do enough, quickly enough’ after a second damning report into child sex abuse triggered the entire cabinet’s resignation.

Government commissioners will be sent in to run the council after the Casey report found the authority was ‘not fit for purpose’.

It said the council was in ‘resolute denial’ of the 1,400-victim child sex abuse scandal identified in the Jay report last summer.

Today a statement from the Labour Group said the council had started to improve support for victims but had not been able to ‘do enough, quickly enough.’

“We want to thank Louise Casey for her report.

“Of course our primary concern remains the welfare of the survivors and victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

“Since the publication of the Jay Report, the council has begun to take measures to improve the support for victims, bringing in new management, and to tighten licensing controls.

“Sadly, as the report today makes clear, we have not been able to do enough, quickly enough.

“In light of this report, the Council’s Cabinet announced earlier today that they take responsibility for the failings and are stepping down as Commissioners come in to Rotherham.

“We welcome their appointment and look forward to working with them to improve services for all of Rotherham residents.

“The council has today written to the Department for Communities and Local Government to ask the Commissioners to start their work as soon as possible, and to seek further details about how the new arrangements will work.

“We will keep the public informed of developments as they occur over the coming days.

“There is nothing further that I can add at this time.”

Coun Chris Read, Labour Group spokesperson.