Rotherham Council staff pay rise under ‘living wage’ scheme

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Almost 1,500 of Rotherham Council’s lowest paid employees are set to benefit from a pay rise thanks to the introduction of a local living wage.

From October this will mean a rise for those on the lowest pay - boosting the hourly rate up to £7.65 per hour, which is £1.34 more than the National Minimum Wage rate for workers aged 21 years and over.

Council leader Roger Stone said: “We have been committed to supporting those on low pay to provide some financial relief in what is a very difficult climate, and we are delighted to make this announcement. Almost all of the employees who will benefit from a local living wage are also residents of Rotherham, and so the move will also boost spending power in the local economy.”

Councillor Stone added council bosses are engaged in talks with union officials over how to introduce the pay rise fairly.

“We are working closely with trade union colleagues to ensure the introduction of a living wage is managed in a planned and considered way.” The move has already been budgeted for in the council’s spending plans for 2014/15.