Roof repairs to keep rain out of Crowle church

St Oswald's Church in Crowle.
St Oswald's Church in Crowle.

WORK to keep the rain out of St Oswald’s Church in Crowle is being proposed, with a planning application under consideration by North Lincolnshire Council.

It is intended to replace inadequate rainwater outlets and damaged pipes with more robust versions to carry rainwater away from the whole of the north side of the roof, where four small and cracked lead pipes are not up to the job, councillors have been told.

The result is that heavy rain is finding its way into and through the church walls, damaging the interior, and storing up trouble for the future when it gathers inside the walls themselves, the meeting heard.

Once there, it’s feared expansion caused by freezing will damage the fabric of the building.

The Rev Mary Stonier, working with architect Donald Kitching, has submitted a planning application to increase the capacity of the drainage system, using a combination of lead and cast iron fittings, the latter painted lack and finished with an epoxy coating for longer life.

Comments about the proposals can be made with North Lincolnshire Council’s planning department until Match 7.

Crowle Town Council members made no observations on the proposals, which came before them at their latest meeting last week.