Rogers Rants - Life’s little mis-apps

After years of standing on the sidelines I bought myself a smartphone and I have been plunged into the wonderful world of apps.

If you are Stoneage Luddite technophobe like me and don’t know what an app is, it is a little computer programme which sits on your phone and eats away precious minutes of your life.

One such app is Googlesky. You point your phone towards the heavens and by the wonders of science, the screen tells you what stars and planets you are looking at. Even when it’s daylight. Should you require, you can sit on the lavatory and look at the stars from an Australian perspective underneath the Earth. Point it at the sun and there it is. The sun - on your phone next to the real one.

I also have a telephone barcode reader, which tells me the price somewhere else of an item I am buying when I am in a shop purchasing it.

Factoring in the lost time and transport costs makes it redundant, but it’s technologically impressive.

There was one called Typnwalk which uses the phone’s camera, overlaying the text messages over the view while you are typing and walking. I theorised I might trip over a dog outside the view of the camera and I have uninstalled it.

But my favourite app is C25K, which purports to train you from a couch potato to running five kilometres in just nine weeks. A haughty young middle class lady shouts encouragement through your headphones as you alternately slouch and jog through the streets.

So far it’s working for me and I have kept it up for six weeks breathlessly abandoning myself to her ministrations. The pounds are simply falling off as I sweat away for 30 minutes, on every alternate day.

The running is coming along fine as well.