Rogers Rants - Inflation: are they being economical with the truth?

Now then... about this latest inflation malarkey. Do they think we are all sackless or what?

As I write this, The Bank of England is expected to delay a rise in interest rates after a “surprise” DROP in the inflation rate.

The Consumer Prices Index, the Government’s preferred measure of inflation, fell to four per cent in March, down from 4.4 per cent in February, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The Retail Prices index was 5.3 per cent, down from 5.5 per cent.

I admit I’m not an economics whizz – but from where I’m standing these figures just don’t correspond with anything I spend my hard–earned cash on at all.

I don’t know about you – but in the past year, my gas and electric has gone up about 10 per cent.

Petrol has gone up at least 25 per cent – once rising by 4p a litre overnight.

My car insurance has soared by a third. VAT has gone up to 20 per cent.

Apparently supermarkets are engaging in a price war from which we are all benefiting.

Have you noticed? I haven’t. Where I buy stuff from, my essentials snap bill alone appears to have gone up by at least 20 per cent this past year.

Perhaps it’s just me.

Bread, veg, milk, beer, wine, takeaways – ditto.

Meat – three slices of boiled ham for £3? – you’ve got to be joking pal!

Nowadays I bulk-buy BOGOF tins of beans and hover over the sell-by-date counters more than ever.

Unless you are buying plasma TVs or laptop computers, or selling a depreciating property, it seems to me everything bar a few supermarket loss–leaders has risen ASTRONOMICALLY.

Some statisticians somewhere are having a laugh.

On us.