Rising rents cause concern

Michael Dugher MP
Michael Dugher MP

One of the biggest causes of the cost of living crisis in the country is the price of renting or buying a home.

That’s why Michael Dugher MP has backed plans for a better deal for those renting their homes privately and to build 200,000 more homes a year by the end of the next Parliament so that more families can fulfil their dream of home ownership.

For the 12,856 people living in privately rented homes in the Barnsley area rents are now on average £384 more each year than in 2010. With tenants facing rip-off fees from lettings agents and insecure tenancies, the Barnsley East MP has called for big changes in the system to make it fairer for renters.

Mr Dugher has called for a ban on rip-off letting agents’ fees for tenants, saving renters on average £350 in costs, and for the introduction of legislation to make three year tenancies the standard in the British private rented sector to give people who rent the certainty they need.

He said: “There are many people in my constituency worried about the prospect that their rent could jump up by a big amount from one year to the next. Since 2010, rents in Yorkshire and Humberside are now on average £384 more per year.

“I want to see families given the security of a longer tenancy and predictable rents to stop excessive rises so that they can manage tight family finances and plan ahead.

“Estate agents charge people who rent an average of £350 in fees. That’s a lot of money for a lot of people and that’s why I want to see legislation introduced to ban these rip-off charges by letting agents.”