Rising crisis of youth unemployment

Michael Dugher
Michael Dugher

YOUTH unemployment across the Dearne continues to rise, with 3,000 18 to 24 year olds out of work in South Yorkshire for over a year.

The figures show a rise in this group of six per cent in the past month and 163 per cent in the past 12 months.

In the Barnsley East constituency, including Wombwell, Darfield and Hoyland, youth unemployment remains over 1000.

MP Michael Dugher said: “Long-term youth unemployment in Barnsley keeps rising month on month. Ministers seem happy to forget about places like Barnsley.

“It is clear that those out of jobs are increasingly shut out. And when you’ve been unemployed for more than a year it can have a huge detrimental effect on your future chances of getting a job.”

The latest unemployment figures show that the total number of people claiming Jobs Seekers’ Allowance across South Yorkshire has fallen slightly from last month to 43,975. “This is welcome news,” said Mr Dugher, “but it is still a lot higher than two years ago, when the total figure was 37,940. The big worry is long-term youth unemployment.”

He continued: “There are many things that Ministers could do to help, such as introducing a tax on bankers’ bonuses to fund 100,000 youth jobs and a tax break for small firms taking on extra workers to help get Britain back to work.

“They should also introduce a “Real Jobs Guarantee” scheme for young people, which would tackle the problem of long-term youth unemployment by providing a six-month paid placement, preferably in the private sector, for all 18-24 year olds who have been unemployed for more than twelve months. This would help 3000 young people in South Yorkshire alone.”