REVIEW: Greg Davies, The Back Of My Mum’s Head

Greg Davies
Greg Davies

Best known for starring in comedy shows such as The Inbetweeners and Cuckoo, as well as his appearances on Mock the Week, Greg Davies is often regarded as one of Britain’s most popular comedians.

This has been cemented with his most recent comedy tour, The Back of My Mum’s Head, which he has been touring for the last year to rave reviews and sell out dates across the country.

And from the moment the statuesque, former teacher came on stage, the reason for his appeal is clear: he’s a genuinely funny, slightly misanthropic and compelling comic who managed to keep the (slightly lairy) audience at Sheffield City Hall enraptured for a full 80 minutes.

No topic is off-limit with Greg, from the appearance and shape of his middle aged body, which his niece lovingly compared to ‘mis-shapen ham’, to the terrible, tortuous behaviour he inflicted upon his younger sister.

But the show mainly revolves around the lesson that there is no such thing as normal, which he tells us, is a realisation he came to later in life after years of his mother telling him his behaviour is ‘not normal, love’.

One particular highlight of this part of the show is the Shropshire-born comedian’s anecdote about a taxi driver’s bizarre opinion on pies and what they’re made of, which is massively incorrect and most definitely not normal, love.

Stories about his mother, and her turn of phrase in particular, provide Greg with a wealth of comedy material.

Davies also explores how children are born without a filter, that helps us adults to appear normal, and what happens if as an adult you misplace your filter and say things you shouldn’t.

Greg finished the show with some audience role play, and his ode to a banzai tree.

On the whole this was a really enjoyable show, which exceeded my expectations and is well worth a watch or two.

RATING: 8/10

- Sarah Marshall