Revealed: Cold callers, screaming kids and losing WiFi - the 100 things that drive people in Doncaster mad

What are the things that drive you mad?
What are the things that drive you mad?

Cold callers, screaming kids and losing WiFi are among some of the top 100 things that drive people in Doncaster mad, according to a new survey.

Stepping in dog poo, queue-jumpers and people walking slowing in front of you are also featured in the rundown, compiled by

The research looked into the things that drive us mad - but also what instantly improves our mood.

Within the top ten, three things related to owning a car, suggesting that driving is a key stress-inducer for many Brits.

And while we may be a nation that is easily irritated, the study revealed that turning a bad day into a good day is surprisingly simple - just add sunshine, hugs, family time, tea and chocolate as these are the top five things that make us feel contented.

Susan Dawkins, health transformation expert offered some insight into how we can manage day-to-day stresses and said: "The biggest thing we can do to deal with our stress, is to change our thoughts. We are all in control of our emotions and how we react to any given situation.

“By changing our thoughts, thinking happy things, we can immediately reduce our stress and put ourselves in a better mood. It really does boil down to what we think."


1. Cold callers

2. Stepping in dog poo

3. Queue-jumpers

4. Kids screaming in public

5. People walking slowly in front of you

6. Being put on hold

7. A car breakdown

8. Getting an unexpected hefty bill

9. Drivers not indicating

10. Loss of Wi-Fi at a key moment

11. Noisy eaters

12. People that stand way too close in a queue

13. Toilets you have to pay to use

14. Technology crashing for no logical reason

15. Accidentally losing money out of your wallet/purse/pocket

16. Missing a parcel and getting a 'sorry you were out' card

17. Getting stuck at every set of traffic lights when you're late

18. Snorers

19. Waking up an hour before you need to and not being able to get back to sleep

20. Stubbing your toe

21. Forgetting a password for something really important

22. Middle-lane ‘hoggers’

23. People being really noisy in the cinema

24. Your phone not charging properly and not having enough battery when you really need it

25. When something goes on sale a week after you bought it at full price

26. Locking your keys in the house/car

27. Having to go to the dentist

28. Getting soaked by someone that drives through a puddle right next to you

29. Running out of loo roll and realising too late

30. Getting pooed on by a bird

31. Blisters from new shoes

32. Neighbours deciding to start a party just as you're falling asleep

33. Falling or tripping over in public

34. Trains being late or cancelled

35. Bad parkers

36. Dropping your phone down the toilet

37. Buffering

38. Sitting on chewing gum

39. People playing music on their phone in public

40. Cyclists getting in the way

41. Dieting and doing loads of exercise but not losing a pound of weight

42. Leaving your purse/wallet at home

43. Hanging washing on the line and it raining

44. A massive spot appearing before a big event

45. When your shopping bag splits

46. Forgetting something at the supermarket and having to go back to get it

47. No milk for your morning brew

48. Having to stand up on the bus/train all the way home

49. Getting stung by a bee/wasp

50. Trying on last summer's clothes and discovering they don't fit

51. Having to work inside on the hottest day of the year

52. Burning your dinner

53. Losing the TV remote

54. Banging your funny bone

55. Buying a really thoughtful gift and someone not appreciating it

56. A power cut just before your favourite TV show

57. Machines refusing to accept your change and not having any spare

58. Phone zombies

59. Standing on a plug

60. Finding a spider in the bath

61. Losing or damaging your passport the night before you go on holiday

62. Irreversibly staining white clothes

63. Missing the bus to work by a matter of seconds

64. Your sports team being relegated

65. Bad hair days

66. Running out of tea bags when you HAVE TO HAVE TEA

67. Power cables that aren't quite long enough

68. Hoovering and then flatmates/family instantly making a mess again

69. Accidentally changing the colour of clothes in the wash

70. Sky/TIVO recordings missing the start of a programme

71. Dunking your biscuit and it falling into your tea

72. Having your skirt tucked into your knickers and no one telling you

73. Realising you forgot to take the wash out of the machine and know it'll smell weird

74. Having food in your teeth and no one telling you

75. Smudging nail polish before it has dried

76. Losing a single glove or earring

77. The satnav taking you to the wrong place

78. Leaky pens

79. Queuing for the cash machine and it running out just as you get to it

80. Sunburn

81. Emergency tax when you start a new job

82. People that refuse to remove their shoes in your house

83. Ordering a takeaway and the restaurant adding an hour to the delivery time

84. Trying to spend an exact amount at the petrol station and going just over

85. Being asked repeatedly why you and your partner aren't married yet at a family event

86. Someone moving things on your work desk whilst you're on holiday

87. Spoilers

88. Dropping a book and losing your place in it

89. Face/sun/body cream exploding in your suitcase or handbag

90. Forgetting to pick up your umbrella then it rains

91. Going to the bathroom and seeing the toilet seat up

92. Going to cook dinner and finding that nobody has emptied the dishwasher

93. Having to ask someone to move out of your seat on the train

94. Not being able to get a neat/even flick with your eyeliner

95. Breaking a nail

96. Burning yourself with your straighteners

97. A flatmate/family member using up all the hot water

98. Your hairdresser moving away and having to go through the process of finding a new one

99. Missing happy hour at pub by mere moments

100. Depressing lunchtime meal deals