Residents’ racetrack road campaign

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NEWS: News.

Campaigners who seek to stop speedsters along an Isle road in their tracks, are still waiting for action.

Crowle residents want enforcement measures to be taken, to slow down motorists who exceed the 30mph speed limit along busy Wharf Road.

Local councillors and Isle MP Andrew Percy are backing them in their request for possible changes to the speed limit zone, more signage or other ways of making motorists watch their speed dials in the area.

Monitoring of the speed vehicles travel at when using the road was completed recently, and showed an average travelling speed of 39.4mph.

Of 7,462 vehicles that use the road on a daily basis, 1,652 were going at 35-40mph, 661 were 40-45mph, 228 were 45-50mph, 67 were 50-55mph, 23 were 55-60mph, nine were 60-65mph and three were 65-70mph.

Mr Percy said: “Speeding does have a massive effect on our communities. I have been contacted by a great number of concerned residents about speeding on the whole of Wharf Road running from Ealand to Crowle, particularly around North Axholme Academy.”

Coun John Briggs is keen to see the 30mph limit moved closer to the built-up area with further signs, as he feels motorists can get confused about the particular speed zones.

Town councillor Julie Reed said: “Residents worry that there will be even more accidents if action isn’t taken.”

Mr Percy added: “I understand the matter is still under consideration by North Lincolnshire Council.”