Residents in Belton aim to get lorries to kill their speed

Refusal to accept funding for speed cameras on a dangerous Belton road could lead to a fatality campaigning residents have claimed.

Monday, 30th March 2015, 8:36 am
Residents of Sandtoft Road protest about the number of lorries using the road.

Residents’ spokesman, Ron Day, said dozens of HGV’s regularly roar down Sandtoft Road and ignore restrictions. He added that despite North Lincolnshire Council promising to provide funds to Humberside Police for cameras, they have still not been put up.

His claim was confirmed by Isle MP Andrew Percy who said that he had met Humberside Police officers earlier this year and had made a promise that North Lincolnshire Council would not only pay for cameras, but would also fund their administration and provide further funding for more PCSOs, but the police had refused to accept help.

Mr Day said: “Temporary cameras were put up on the road last summer and they proved to be a real success. The number of lorries illegally using the road dropped from 20 or 30 a day to around five or six. This is a road for lorries using the nearby industrial estate and for residents and farmers. The cameras made lorries and other vehicles slow down and kept other vehicles illegally using it away. Without cameras the number of lorries have started to increase again.”

He added: “We are all very concerned about this, but no one seems to be listening. There could be a fatality if something is not done.”