Rescued boat towed to Keadby Wharf

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Humber Rescue was called out to an emergency on one of the rivers of the busy Humber Estuary yesterday.

Volunteers were alerted to an incident at 5.21pm to reports of a ten metre long vessel drifting freely on the Trent near to Burton upon Stather.

Crews arrived on scene and took the boat under tow destined for Keadby Wharf.

Glenn Ramsden, media manager at Humber Rescue said: “This week we have been called out to separate incidents in the Rivers Humber, Ouse and Trent which illustrates the huge area that we provide front line emergency cover for.

“Humber Rescue have 540 square miles of responsibility on the Humber Estuary which at times keeps us on our toes.”

The incident is ongoing.