Reduction in number of road collisions across South Yorkshire

Police accident.
Police accident.

Road safety officials have given a cautious welcome to new figures that show a slight reduction in the number of road collisions.

The data reveals 4,212 people were injured in road traffic collisions on South Yorkshire roads in 2013 - a five per cent reduction on the previous 12 months. This figure includes 32 fatal collisions and 449 serious injuries.

Safer Roads Partnership officials welcomed the news but added there is much work still to be done to further reduce road collisions.

Phil Shillito, vice chair of the Safer Roads Partnership, said: “Whilst any decrease is good news we cannot forget the pain, grief and suffering experienced by those involved in every road traffic collision.

“All the agencies making up the Safer Roads Partnership will continue to work tirelessly in a bid to further reduce the number of road traffic collisions on South Yorkshire roads.”

The majority of casualties were car drivers at 65 per cent - a large portion of these were aged 17 to 24.

Pedestrian and cycle casualties injured decreased, along with child casualties aged 0 to 15 which went from 470 in 2012 to 432 in 2013. Two children died in road collisions.

The number of motorbike rider casualties increased from 29 in 2012 to 38 last year.

Ken Wheat, Safer Roads Partnership manager, said: “We cannot afford to be complacent. Overall casualties are reducing year on year but this masks small rises amongst some road user groups – especially young drivers and riders.”

The figures were collected by South Yorkshire Police and have been submitted to the Department for Transport for a nationwide survey due out later this year.