Record duo are Radio Ga Ga

SineFM presenters Mark Kelly (left) and Simon Saynor who are hoping to do a 72 hour non-stop show.
SineFM presenters Mark Kelly (left) and Simon Saynor who are hoping to do a 72 hour non-stop show.

they’re heavy-eyed, fast talking, music playing record breakers!

Community radio presenters Mark Kelly, from Handsworth, Sheffield, and Simon Saynor, from Armthorpe, Doncaster, are just waiting for official confirmation of their place in the record books after broadcasting a 72-hour show.

The amateurs’ long haul efforts look to have smashed a 52 hour record set by Chris Moyles earlier this year.

Unemployed former pub manager Simon, aged 43, and 44-year-old painter and decorator Mark, started their marathon on Sine FM, based on Netherhall Road, Doncaster, on Monday at 8am, and completed their three day epic yesterday morning.

During their efforts they had many messages of support on the internet from hundreds of people from all over the world, including Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, and former Radio One star Tony Blackburn.

Before heading off to bed, an exhausted Simon said they were sending video footage of the show and witness statements to bosses at Guinness World Records, to get confirmation of the record.

He said: “We think we’ve smashed the record and we’re really happy.

“We’ve had great support - 47 businesses came forward to sponsor the show. We had people coming down to be witnesses for us at 4am. But I’ve no idea how long I’m gong to sleep for now.

“Mark looked pretty shell shocked by the time he’d finished, too.”

The record bid was to raise money for the Higher Rhythm Foundation charity, which is helping victims of the 2009 typhoon which caused major devastation in the Phillipines, and for the Doncaster Rape and Sexual Assault Counselling Service.

The broadcast has already raised at least £2,400 with more coming in.

Record book rules stated guests were only allowed to talk for a minute without Simon or Mark speaking.

There was a limit on how long a record could be played for.