Real ale with a champers twist

A UNIQUE real ale with a champagne twist has been created to mark the 20th Rotherham Real Ale and Music Festival this month.

Developed by Richard Hancock, head brewer at the Wentworth brewery, the ale features a range of specially selected ingredients, including champagne yeast, designed to give the beer a unique taste.

And any drinkers who fancy giving it a try, be warned, for it is believed to be one of the strongest ales that has ever been produced in Yorkshire using traditional brewing methods.

Although the development of the beer remains a closely guarded secret, by the time the first beer is pulled at the festival, it will mark the completion of an epic five month journey for Richard, who brewed it single-handedly.

During the brewing process, Richard meticulously checked on the progress of the beer every day. He even spent time on Christmas Day tending to his beloved brew.

The result is a 16 per cent amber ale, that is guaranteed to be a show stopper. Such is the strength and gravity of the drink that it will only be sold in 1/3 pint measures.

Richard said: “Beer festivals often give brewers a chance to experiment with new ingredients, try different processes and be able to get feedback directly from customers.

“They’re vital for the development of new beers, and we felt that adding champagne yeast to mark the 20th anniversary of the festival in a new type of Real Ale was a fitting tribute.“

The Rotherham Real Ale and Music festival will take place at the Magna Centre between February 29 and March 3. For tickets, visit