Readers’ poll results: Your verdict revealed on opening Doncaster’s doors to Syrian refugees.

Migrants and refugees paddling a rubber dinghy close to the beach at Psalidi near Kos Town, Kos
Migrants and refugees paddling a rubber dinghy close to the beach at Psalidi near Kos Town, Kos

Readers who voted in an internet poll are opposed to Syrian refugees coming to Doncaster.

Nearly three quarters of those who voted in a internet poll set up by the Doncaster Free Press opposed the borough accepting people from the country which has been ravaged by civil war and the terror group ISIS.

The poll is now closed.

The figures come as Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed Britain would be accepting 20,000 refugees.

In all, 455 responses had been received by our poll when it was closed this evening. It posed the question: “Would you like to see Doncaster open its doors to Syrian refugees?”

But 72.1 per cent of responses were ‘no’ - a total of 328.

A total of 27.9 per cent, or 127, were in favour of the borough taking in refugees.

Britain will accept up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next four and a half years, David Cameron has announced.

The Prime Minister said sanctuary would be given to refugees who are currently in camps neighbouring the war-ravaged nation.

Those who arrive will be granted five-year humanitarian protection visas and councils and devolved administrations will be helped to support them as the Government retools its aid budget.

Comments on our social media page today included the following:

Emma Kittridge: I think we can’t afford it as a country. We’ve been subject to cut backs. People forced to eat from hand outs at food banks. People committing suicide due to been left penniless! We gave homeless ppl on the streets of Doncaster. Im not heartless. I feel for the genuine refugees but I vote NO!

Claire Booker: Yes. We sat back and did nothing while the government sent our troops in to destabilise the country. The least we can do is welcome them with peace after what they have had to endure.

Sue Collins: Doncaster is struggling as it is. I am sure everyone feels really sorry for these people but we really don’t have the ability to take more. Schools, doctors, hospitals police.... Overstretched is an understatement!