READER'S VERDICT: Sheffield one of worst cities to raise a family? Nonsense


Sheffield may have been named as one of the worst places in Britain to bring up a family - but proud Steel City residents are having none of it.

The city was ranked 30th out of 35 UK cities to bring up a child because of a range of factors including crime rates, poor schools, number of parks, house prices and average income.

Sheffield city centre.

Sheffield city centre.

Compiled by, the UK Family Living Index was topped by Newcastle as the best place while London was bottom of the table thanks to its extremely high house prices, huge competition for school places and high rate of burglaries. Nearby Leeds ranked two places behind Sheffield in 32nd.

But proud residents across Sheffield have hit out at the survey and more than 500 people posted their reaction on Facebook. The majority described the city as a great place to live and highlighted the high number of public parks, ease of access to the Peak District and friendly people as the main selling points.

Lindsey Durow said: "I lived near Derby and Nottingham and moved to Sheffield. I've never been happier. There are loads of cheap or free activities for kids, lots of places to visit but most of all (the people are) so friendly."

Jack Van Nesteruk added: "I'm Nottingham born and bred but studied in Sheffield. Fantastic city, full of fantastic people."

Peak District.

Peak District.

David Carey posted: "I grew up in Sheffield and I have seen the city grow and change, not always for the better but we have a lot of good events in this city. You can walk anywhere in Sheffield and you're not far from a park, woods or countryside."

Tracey Ledger said: "We literally have the Peak District on our doorstep and lots of green belt areas."

Others highlighted the city's shopping areas and public services as major attractions.

Rebecca Biggins said: "The city centre has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Fargate and the Peace Gardens are nice but Castle Market and the Moor need work.

"But compared to what it was it is generally better."

Deborah Bates added: "Greenest city in England and more trees per person than any city in Europe. Peak District on the doorstep, Sheffield Arena, Meadowhall, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Tramlines Festival, EIS, Ponds Forge, World Snooker Championships, theatres - come on its a joke survey."

Sarah Ferko posted: "I have lived here for over 11 years and I love it. Me, my husband and our four children wouldn't live anywhere else. Loads of wonderful parks and wonderful hospitals, especially Sheffield Children's Hospital."