Rare baby Bactrian camel born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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Award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park is celebrating a pre-Easter arrival – the birth of a cute camel.

The rare baby Bactrian camel, who was born on March 20 made her debut in the outside reserve last week under the protective eye of her mother Lottie.

On Mother’s Day their affectionate display nuzzling each other had on-lookers swooning.

She will now be the star attraction alongside the other eight Bactrian camels during the Easter holidays. The baby camel has not yet been named but her name will begin with `G’ as will all the animals who are born in 2014.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, visitors can enjoy a special Easter trail. There is a prize for children, who complete the trail around the park – with the final clue giving them the name of an animal that will win them a prize!

YWP Director Cheryl Williams said: “We are all delighted at the birth of the camel calf. On Mother’s Day she stayed extremely close to Lottie as she finds her way in the outside world.

“She is already growing fast but is bound to be extremely popular this Easter.”

Yorkshire Wildlife Park puts conservation at the heart of all its activities and has been working with other UK parks in a transfer of breeding bull camels for genetic diversity.

Bactrian camels are critically endangered in their native home, the Gobi desert of Northern China and Mongolia.

Visitors this Easter will be able to enjoy hours of family fun at YWP, which brings them a heartbeat away from some of the world’s most beautiful and rare animals, including the Amur leopards, tigers and the African hunting dogs.