Racheal races towards £15k

Landlady Racheal Jeakins prepares to space hop around Darfield to raise money for Bluebell Wood hospice. Picture: Malcolm Billingham S0124MB
Landlady Racheal Jeakins prepares to space hop around Darfield to raise money for Bluebell Wood hospice. Picture: Malcolm Billingham S0124MB

SHE’S roller-skated up snow-covered hills, braved the blazing heat in a wetsuit, but her latest feat could have been one hop too far....

In a bid to top up her Bluebell Wood pub donations to £15,000, Darfield Queen Vic landlady Racheal Jeakins took to the streets to bounce almost THREE miles on a kid’s space hopper!

Hard enough for anyone - but Racheal Jeakin, 40, has congenital twisted kneecaps that cause her constant pain, and are soon to be replaced!

Her knee bones rub together and four years ago the backs of her kneecaps were shaved off.

“It’s mind over matter”, said bubbly Racheal, whose charity stunts have included a static bike ride, swimming the equivalent of the channel, and the one she claims was the toughest of all - keeping silent for 24 hours.

She had no practice for the hop. If she broke both her knees in the process it would pave the way towards a quicker operation, she joked!

So on Saturday she togged up in jockey silks and jumped on ‘Norman the Nag’, her horsey hopper.

It was hard ground, and she had to admit to walking the odd few paces, but after a hot bath or two Racheal was back behind the bar.

“My knees are surprisingly okay, but I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut”, she said. “My thighs and lower back kill, but funds are looking good and we collected £60 in donations as I hopped”!

Racheal is formidable when it comes to reaching her goals, and is determined to bring her Bluebell Wood total to £15,000 by Christmas.

Then she will retire from the crazy challenges she has undertaken for the past six years.

“I was £635 short to make 15 grand, Racheal explained, “so I had to do something worthwhile....and all being well, we should pull it off when all the money comes in”.

As usual, there won’t be Christmas decs in the Queen Vic this December, as Racheal chooses June for her festivities.....complete with tree and trimmings.

But she is running a bumper surprise Christmas raffle - with all the prizes handwrapped. The draw will be on Christmas Eve.

And this Saturday evening, December 17, Racheal is hosting an anniversary pyjama reggae party, with music, food, fancy dress and a mixed grill raffle. Proceeds will go. of course, to Bluebell Wood.

Sarah Champion, chief executive of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, said “We’d like to thank Racheal for her fantastic support over the last 6 years. She has organised some wonderfully original fundraising events during this time and her enthusiasm for Bluebell Wood is inspiring. Our charity receives no statutory government funding to care for children with a shortened life expectancy across South Yorkshire. It is thanks to amazing support from Racheal and others like her, that we can continue to help these children enjoy a lifetime of love and laughter. “