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The Staithes pub, Golden Smithies Lane, Wath
The Staithes pub, Golden Smithies Lane, Wath

I HAD never been beaten by a beefburger yet... but there’s always a first time!

It was a Friday afternoon and the sun was cracking the flags when I visited the Staithes pub on Doncaster Road, Wath.

The pub is proud of its food and there is a comprehensive menu, catering for all kinds of tastes and pockets, from pensioner special dinners for £4.50, to salads, ribs and..the Staithes Stack Burger.

Now any meal that bears the name of the pub as a standard bearer has to be worth checking out.

So I proffered my £8.95 and waited..

The Staithes Stack Burger is two humungous chargrilled beefburgers, with smoky bacon, melted cheese and barbecue sauce, with a steak knife plunged through the encompassing bread buns to hold them together.

Three onion rings were threaded on top and the whole thing was served with chips and salad.

This was Man V Food territory and I took up the challenge with gusto.

The chips were home made rather than the freezer centre variety and the salad was varied leaves, garnished with cherry tomatoes in a light dressing.

There was also a side portion of coleslaw to up the veg complement.

It wasn’t going to eat itself, so I removed the knife and tucked in, at first holding the burgers together and trying to take a man-sized bite.

This proved difficult, so I resorted to using my knife and fork.

The meat was well done and tasty, not really needing any added ketchup, as the barbecue sauce was very flavoursome.

I managed to eat the majority of it, but given my limited time window I wasn’t able to fully do the gargantuan portion justice.

It is the sort of meal you return to after sinking a few intervening pints to wash it down over a few hours.

Or another option would be to share the meal with a carnivorous companion.

I had to admit defeat and I made my excuses and left.

I won’t be having my picture on the wall and there was no tee shirt for me either!