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Geds Deli
Geds Deli

Ged’s Deli is on Adwick Road, Mexborough, situated a few yards up from the Doncaster Road roundabout.

I had heard great things about their delicious range of salads and I recalled the hot bacon and mushroom sandwiches were a tradition when the Times offices were closer to the vicinity.

But today I fancied something warm and I had intended to try their set meal for the day,

But as the sign warns you it is better to order in advance as they are very popular with the regulars.

When I arrived at 1.30pm they had indeed had a run of orders and had catered for a large party that day, so I decided to keep things simple and ordered pie and peas with a cup of tea, at a very reasonable £3.95. The price included a pot of tea.

usually the most basic meals are a good indicator of an eating establishment and this was no exception.

The pie was home made, of the tall variety, with thick pastry and packed with steak. Delicious.

And the peas were traditionally prepared, rather than the bright green frozen type which are often to be found at this price point - just like granny used to make.

Both came with a generous pouring of gravy.

The Deli, although small is light and airy, with an impressive range of freshly made salads and pasta on the menu. It was still doing a brisk trade on the Friday afternoon.

Geds is a bit off the beaten track for the casual town centre shopper, but obviously very popular with nearby residents and workers picking up the lunchtime sandwich orders.

The service was quick and staff very friendly, on first name terms with what I assume are regular satisfied diners.

A range of upmarket jams and condiments are also sold at the deli. My meal was excellent and the range of hot and cold meats and salads looked very tempting as did the all day breakfast..

Yet another fine Mexborough eaterie, which I can thoroughly recommend.