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Rosie’s Tea Shoppe, High Street, Mexborough

My food odyssey around Mexborough Town Centre found me sampling the wares at Rosie’s Tea Shoppe ,

Rosies si a well established Mexborough business, which moved to a more central position from the Montagu Arcade a couple of years ago.

I chose the special of the day - meat and potato pie and carrots, mushy peas and gravy, followed by lemon sponge and custard.

Quite simple fare and the whole lot came to just £3.99.

I reckoned it would be quite impossible to make and cook the meal at home for that price.

How do they do it in a place cut well above the greasy spoon end of the eating out spectrum.

The Tea Shoppe was bustling when I went on Friday lunchtime, with diners taking advantage of eating al fresco on the tables outside, taking advantage of a lull the week’s downpours.

The main course was quickly served - there were plenty of friendly staff - and I was very impressed with the quality and freshness.

The carrots were firm and cut into batons and the pie was obviously home made.

It had lean chunks of beef and fresh potato - so much better than the inferior homogenised mush which is often served elsewhere. The pastry was thick and crusty.

After demolishing this, a huge helping of lemon sponge and custard arrived. The sponge was light sponge with tangy lemon curd.

Rosies have all the usual food options for a popular afternoon and morning eaterie, with the addition of a range of breakfasts salads and omelettes.

The latter looked particularly enticing as I sneaked a glance at what the other customers were being served.

It is a very competitive market out there and it weems each place has it’s loyal customer base who know just what they want.