Pupils praised by inspectors for taking care of each other

YOUNGSTERS at a Wath primary school have been heaped with praise from Government inspectors for the way they take care of one another.

Pupils at West Melton Primary School, in Stokewell Road, impressed Ofsted inspectors when they visited the school last month.

Among the most positive aspects noted by lead inspector Jim Alexander was the support the youngsters gave one another.

He said: “Pupils are supportive and encourage one another. For example, older pupils are particularly caring and willingly look after the younger pupils at break and lunchtime.”

Other strengths identified at the school included the headteacher and deputy headteacher providing an effective team which has used agreed procedures to improve the weakest teaching, and systems which have been established to track pupils’ progress and flag up any underachievement.

The quality of provision in the foundation stage classes was good and children were helped to settle quickly and soon make good progress.

But they also say the school requires improvement, rating it as grade three - the category previously described as satisfactory.

The report adds since the time of the last inspection, the school has encountered a number of difficult staffing issues. Pupils do not always make the best possible progress in lessons as work is not suitably pitched to meet the needs of all ability levels. The report remarked that activities are not always sufficiently interesting to motivate learning and keep pupils engaged.

Teachers do not always make effective use of teaching assistants, especially at the start of lessons.

The quality of guidance offered to pupils about how to improve their work is inconsistent across the school.Recent developments in the curriculum have not had time to impact on pupils’ achievement.

School leaders, including governors, have concentrated their efforts to stamp out inadequate teaching but not ensured that all teaching is good.

The report added that the people running the school had a clear understanding of what the school was doing well and where it could improve. Governors received regular reports from the headteacher which evaluated the school’s performance and was conversant with its responsibilities, carrying out a range of checks.

The school will receive a full inspection within 24 months.