Protests over fire cuts

Fire Engine on call
Fire Engine on call

FIREFIGHTERS are today lobbying MPs in the House of Commons to protest against cuts to frontline services.

The Government wants to make £10 million in savings meaning slashing 140 firefighter jobs across the region which will affect employees at Edlington, Thorne and Dearne fire stations.

In addition, the fire authority plans to close four fire stations, replacing them with two new stations.

Protestors said the loss of stations in particular will mean longer distances for fire engines to travel leading to an increase in the amount of time it takes for crews to reach each incident.

John Gilliver, regional secretary for the Fire Brigades Union, said: “These are slash and burn cuts with frontline crews being targeted once again.

“Politicians of all parties promised no cuts to the frontline, but that is precisely what continues to happen.

“We’re going to end up with even more cuts to firefighters, fewer appliances and fewer stations. Frontline crews will be spread even more thinly.

“We were over-stretched by major flooding a few years ago, if anything like that happens again we’ll be over-whelmed.”