Pothole patrols to fill in Isle’s roads

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North Lincolnshire Council is to put more people to work on ‘pothole patrol’ to fix the county’s roads.

In the last week nearly 300 potholes have been filled, and by increasing the number of teams from four to six the council plans to increase this even further.

Now council bosses want residents in the Isle to highlight where the teams should be working.

Coun Liz Redfern, North Lincolnshire representative for Axholme Central, told The Bells: “The Government recently gave us an extra £1 million to help us improve North Lincolnshire’s roads, this in addition to the £4 million we have added locally to this budget. The bad weather and freezing temperatures play havoc on the roads, and we are working really hard to fill in as many potholes as possible.

“I am committed to ensuring we will increase the number of teams working to fix these roads. By increasing the resource, and encouraging residents to report any potholes, we can make a really positive start to improve roads throughout our area.”

Bells readers should report any defects by calling the council on 01724 296296, or by using the report it click on the councils website at www.northlincs.gov.uk