UKIP could catch Tories napping

Next year’s local elections could see a remarkable change in Doncaster politics.

Currently the town’s council chamber is a sea of red with the occasional blue buoy visible – but the rise of the UK Independence Party could change the town’s political map.

UKIP will, for the first time, be fighting all 21 contested council wards in next May’s elections – and, if the party’s current national polling rate of 18 per cent is replicated locally, could defeat all three Conservative candidates.

UKIP would also threaten Labour seats, but the Tories are by far the most vulnerable.

Three Tory wards are in play next year – Finningley, Sprotbrpugh and Torne Valley – all would fall if UKIP replicates its poll results at the ballot box.

Indeed, the position may be even worse – in local government polls, UKIP attracts around 26 per cent.

UKIP is cautiously optimistic about its electoral prospects in Doncaster – and it already has 14 of the 21 candidates needed lined up.

The Doncaster party’s chairman Guy Aston said: “We’re optimistic about our prospects in Doncaster, though we know we’ve got a fight on our hands.

“When we go out on the streets we meet a great many people who are fed up with the traditional parties.”