Set a budget

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South Yorkshire residents are being encouraged to get online and make their voices heard on how the police budget should be spent.

South Yorkshire Police Authority has to save more than £40m over the next four years.

Residents are asked to use an online budget simulator designed to highlight the difficult challenges the authority faces each year in setting its police budget and which allows visitors to make simulated adjustments to spending on key areas, for example local policing, specialist operations and criminal justice.

Visitors are challenged to keep to the overall budget of £257m, with any increases in spending on particular areas needing to be balanced elsewhere to avoid a rise in council tax.

Police Authority chairman, Charles Perryman, said: “The budget simulator was a very useful tool last year as it helped identify the real issues that matter the most to people.

“It is more important than ever that we direct resources to the areas which are most important to the people of South Yorkshire, and for this reason we would like people to give us an indication of where they think we should spend our money by logging on to our budget simulator.”

To create a budget for South Yorkshire Police Authority visit Visit, or via Twitter - @sypoliceauth.