MP backs metal theft bill

ISLE MP Andrew Percy is suporting a bid by parliament to change the law to stop the trade in stolen scrap metal.

A number of churches in the Isle - and Misterton’s All saints’ Church - have been targeted by lead thieves in recent years and Mr Percy has co-signed a bill tabled by MP Graham Jones.

Disruption has also been caused to villages such as Westwoodside when copper cables were stolen, cutting entire communities off from telephone and internet access.

The parliamentary bill calls for a ban on cash transactions for scrap metal and a mandatory check of photo identification.

Mr Percy hopes to meet with the minister responsible for this area of law and he has raised the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions.

He has also tabled an Early Day Motion demanding action and discussed the issue with police.

Mr Percy said: “The Government has already recognised the massive rise in this crime caused by rising metal prices internationally and is looking into changing the law to make it harder to dispose of stolen metal.

“Too many communities in our area have been affected by these mindless thieves who are rarely caught. Whether its lead being stole of church roofs, copper pipes being taken from homes or telephone cabling being ripped out the ground, we have had enough.

“I will continue to campaign on this issue and put pressure on the Government.”