Labour MEP backs Parkinson’s initiative

YORKSHIRE and Humber Labour MEP Linda McAvan hosted the launch of a major new policy statement on Parkinson’s disease in the European Parliament.

Following a continent-wide study, the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) is publishing its Standards of Care Consensus Statement at an event called ‘Chronic diseases in an ageing population – a spotlight on Parkinson’s disease’.

The statement is a guideline for dealing with the increasing levels of Parkinson’s in Europe and also describes how treatment for people with the disease should be managed.

Across the continent over 1.2m people currently live with Parkinson’s while in Yorkshire and the Humber it is thought 10,000 people suffer from the disease. The number is set to double by 2030.

Ms McAvan said: ”With more and more people being diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year the EPDA’s study is a much needed resource that clearly state the gravity of the situation in Europe at the moment.

“It also highlights the levels of inequality in treatment and provides clear direction on the positive steps that can be taken to improve the treatment and management of Parkinson’s.

“This is a Europe-wide problem and coincides with the European Commission’s focus on healthy ageing. “I hope the European Commission, MEPs and national governments can now work together to put into action many of the statement’s suggestions and drive up the quality of Parkinson’s treatment in the EU.”