Police still hunting yobs who smashed up Sheffield lorry yard in 'demolition derby'

Firefighters at the scene.
Firefighters at the scene.

Police are still hunting yobs who smashed up lorries in a yard leaving the place looking like a 'demolition derby'.

Vandals smashed their way into the R Cox Haulage Ltd yard in Darnall before stealing keys and driving vehicles into one another, buildings and a gate leaving the place a scene of carnage.

The remains of the damage.

The remains of the damage.

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Not satisfied with their wave of destruction they then set fire to the company's main office and a caravan causing further damage.

The incident happened nearly three weeks ago on Friday, April 13, at about 12.10am but officers are still hunting those responsible.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "The offenders for this incident remain outstanding – no arrests have been made as yet"

It is believed vandals broke into the firm's main office and stole keys to the vehicles. It appears they then drove a lorry, van and a pick-up truck into other vehicles, a garage and a main gate.

Some of the damage.

Some of the damage.

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They set fire to the main office and a nearby caravan from which it is believed cans of beer had also been taken.

Important documents, such as invoices dating back to the start of the year, were also lost in the fire.

In total there were four HGVs damaged, two vans and a pick-up truck.

Company owner Robert Rounce, aged 50, of Worksop, said it looked like the aftermath of a 'demolition derby' and added that the cost of the damage runs into 'tens of thousands of pounds.'

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Just days after the attack, several cars and vans were vandalised at another neighbouring business, the Auto Repair Centre. Part of the site was also set on fire.

CCTV caught two men aged about 20 wearing hooded tops at the scene of both incidents.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101.