Police called in over Sheffield man's '˜faked' £200,000 Lottery win

Police have been called in to investigate a Sheffield man's £200,000 National Lottery jackpot win amid claims that the winning ticket was '˜faked.'

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 13th December 2018, 10:40 am
The couple say they have been 'swindled' out of 200,000 by Camelot.

Eric Walker, 56, is locked in a row with Lotto organisers Camelot who he says are refusing to payout the jackpot he '˜won' on a scratchcard.

But Camelot have said they have now called in the police over the row in which lettering on the £3 card appeared to have been altered to create a winning ticket.

The couple say they have been 'swindled' out of 200,000 by Camelot.

Unemployed Mr Walker of Arbourthorne, who buys six scratchcards a day, denies the Pharaoh's Fortune card was doctored and blames Camelot for a printing error.

He says he matched three winning symbols correctly on the card where players are given 16 co-ordinates which they use to scratch off squares on a grid in the hope of revealing and matching a trio of pharaoh symbols.

Eric said partner Amanda Emmadi, 36, scratched the relevant boxes and revealed three pharaohs '“ the requirements to win the jackpot.

The ticket which Camelot say has been doctored - these two images appear to show the E5 code may have been altered on two occasions.

But when they informed Camelot, bosses refused to pay up and said that an F5 in the section of co-ordinates had been changed to look like E5 '“ where one of the pharaohs was on the grid.

Camelot said: 'We were able to reconstruct the scratchcard in our system.

'We can confirm that an '˜F' has been altered to appear as an '˜E', and it is therefore not a winning scratchcard.'

He insists he won the jackpot "fair and square" and denies altering the card.

Eric, 56, said: 'I'm being cheated out of the money. I'm no angel but I wouldn't cheat.

'It has not been doctored '“ I'm not that bright.

'If they want to get the police involved then that's fine. I have nothing to hide.'

When asked why more than 16 squares had been scratched off, he said: 'When Camelot says it wasn't E5, it was F5, we scratched F5 off.'

The dad-of-four, who bought the £3 card from a Premier shop near his home, added: 'How can Camelot investigate when they haven't seen the card themselves?'