Police Academy comedy sound effects star coming to South Yorkshire

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Known for his incredible voices playing Sergeant ‘Motor Mouth’ Jones in the Police Academy films, US Comic Michael Winslow comes to the Sheffield Memorial Hall, for his first UK tour on Monday May 28 2012.

Known as ‘the man of 10,000 voices’ he was one of the stars of the Police Academy films and as well as becoming one of the USA’s favourite comedians he’s found new, innovative ways to apply his unique vocal gymnastics.

Born and raised on a US airbase, from an early age Winslow would imitate the jet engines that flew overhead. The material for his first on stage performance was an acapella rendition of the Jimi Hendrix classic Purple Haze which received such a huge response, he realised comedy was his ambition.

Yet it was the Police Academy films that catapulted Winslow to global fame. He appeared in all seven films in the franchise, making noises of barking dogs, crackling radios, ringing telephones and badly dubbed karate films. The character Sergeant Jones prompted a generation of boys to imitate him in playgrounds.

He went onto become a cult movie star of the 80s, playing a technician in Mel Brookes’ Spaceballs and was the voice of the evil Stripe in Gremlins, while developing a successful stand up and TV presenting career alongside his acting.

Now moving his skills into the online world, he’s voiced and developed his own games and apps for iphone and Android including his latest Wizard Ops. He also has a strong online community, encouraging his fans to post videos on his website in a bid to become the world’s next human beatbox.

Michael’s unique talent needs to be seen live to believed, so make sure you catch him while you can!


Monday May 28 2012 Memorial Hall, 7.30pm, Tickets: £15, Box office: 01142 789 789, Sheffield City Hall