'Playful' mural delights staff at new Westfield Health offices

George Law, 32, widely known as Geo Law, next to the finished mural.
George Law, 32, widely known as Geo Law, next to the finished mural.

It is known as 'doodle art' and you will probably recognise it from large graffit-style works around the City.

Sheffield based Artist, Geo Law, has become a world famous name in street imagery, and his latest work can be found in the new offices of Westfield Health on Charter Row.

Geo's brief was to come up with something that reflects the essence of Sheffield, including the concept of well-being.

"The mural is like a story of Sheffield, a mish-mash of a lot of different elements."

The artwork contains all the 'quirky' aspects of Sheffield's culture as well as referencing the industrial past.

"There are nods to the steel industry, the music, the buildings like the crucible, the snooker. Even Hendo's relish gets in there if you look closely. The women of steel statue is in there too, and the llama farm (Mayfield Alpacas) makes an appearance."

Geo also included images of Westfield staff 'playing in the playroom', the location of the piece.

The eight metre wide mural in the 'playzone' area for staff, took Geo just two days to complete.

"With the type of pens I use, you have to work fast, it needs to have that flow, or it won't look very good."

Geo has been commissioned to produce his light-hearted and playful brand of art work for companies such as MIcrosoft, Facebook, Converse and WaterAid America.

Executive Director of Westfield Health, Julie Gill said she was 'really happy' with how the mural turned out.

“It sits perfectly in our staff Play Zone and helps to create a really welcoming atmosphere. Geo took suggestions from Westfield Health staff while he was creating the work, and incorporated a number of Sheffield landmarks and celebrities, so it really is a piece of art unique to us. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to use a local artist, whose studio is only a minute’s walk from Westfield House and who has worked with some fantastic brands, to help tell our story.”