Phone thieves to be targeted

Police tape
Police tape
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A RETAILER has teamed up with police to stop people trying to sell stolen mobile phones and computers in store.

Cash Converters asks people to supply two forms of identification, have their photo taken and then the phones will be run through a system to see whether the phone has been reported to the police or insurance companies.

The Wood Street store will be notified for the next 30 days after the initial check, SIM cards will be destroyed and factory settings restored to protect data.

Cash Converters is also rolling out an information sharing protocol system with police authorities and hopes to do the same in Doncaster over the coming months.

This system allows the retailer to send details of all goods a store has purchased or put on the Buyback or pawn system each day so they can cross reference it to their records of any stolen goods in the area.

Richard Pilgrim, business development manager, said: “Our relationship with local police authorities and systems like Checkmend are vital to our business, the stringent policies are enabling us to eliminate stolen goods passing through our store.

“Recent research highlighted that a fifth of survey respondents said the reason they didn’t sell unwanted goods was due to concerns over data protection. However, our systems should put customer’s mind at rest.”