VIDEO: Henderson's Relish fan gets bottle delivered 6,000 miles to Hong Kong - and then films delight at opening it

Would you pay to get a bottle of Henderson's from 6,000 miles away?
Would you pay to get a bottle of Henderson's from 6,000 miles away?

This is the moment a Henderson's Relish fan was finally reunited with his beloved Sheffield sauce - after forking out to have a supply shipped 6,000 miles to Hong Kong.

Ben Shepherd placed his order for the legendary spicy brown sauce on Amazon - after forgetting to pack a bottle for a trip to the Chinese region, nearly 6,000 miles away on the other side of the globe.

And he was so delighted at its arrival that he filmed himself excitedly opening the box used to transport it from the factory in Sheffield all the way to Hong Kong.

Posting the video, entitled "Unboxing Relish - What happens when you order Sheffield's finest on Amazon," he wrote: "After forgetting to get my bottle of relish to take to Hong Kong I overpaid for a bottle of the Sheffield speciality using Amazon Prime.

"Anyway, it turned out to be a bit different to when you just nip to the Co-op for it!"

Ben's bottle of Hendo's came in an oversized box, padded out with packaging paper.

In the clip, he can be seen using knives to hack into the box, unravelling reams of paper used to keep the bottle safe on its journey before grabbing a blade to slice into a smaller box.

But his battle to crack the sauce still isn't over - he can be seen struggling with the bottle wrapped in bubble wrap before he finally manages to unleash the sauce which is one of Sheffield's best loved institutions.

It is not known how much Ben shelled out for his bottle - which is normally priced at around £1.50 in supermarkets.