Sheffield schoolgirl Maddi’s amazing bid to walk again

Maddi Bryson.
Maddi Bryson.

A brave schoolgirl who suffers from a rare debilitating condition is stunning family and friends with the progress she is making in her challenge to walk again.

Premature baby Maddi Bryson spent her early years struggling to walk as she had to wear corrective splints and pots on her legs.

Her condition worsened and she ended up in a wheelchair after being diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome - a rare condition that causes the ‘pain messaging system’ in the brain to become over-responsive.

But Maddi, now aged 12, teamed up with Suzanne Davis, a physiotherapist in the pain management team at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, last year and is now astonishing loved ones with her progress in learning to walk again.

Suzanne worked with the Bradfield School pupil to help her understand and be psychologically less fearful of her pain.

She also led physio sessions to help build her muscle strength lost during her years in a wheelchair.

Suzanne said: “Maddi has come on leaps and bounds in confidence through receiving support with her physio activity sessions at school.”

School nurse Rachel Oldfield, teaching assistant Diane Hardy and aspiring physiotherapist, Year 12 student Callum Saunders, have also been helping Maddi’s rehabilitation.

Diane said: “Maddi has come such a long way in the six months that I have known her. We often do visualisations of the future and of her walking outside joining her friends and living life to the fullest. Working together with Suzanne, the physio team and Maddi’s family, has really benefitted Maddi’s progress. It has been fantastic to see.”