SEX COUPLE: Naked Doncaster romp pair were "speaking a foreign language"

The naked woman smokes a cigarette after the sex session.
The naked woman smokes a cigarette after the sex session.

A couple who stripped naked and were filmed having sex in the middle of Doncaster were "speaking a foreign language" according to the man who witnessed the sordid scenes.

The pair were spotted romping in broad daylight just yards from Doncaster College on Monday afternoon and were filmed by a fisherrman who stumbled on the X-rated antics on a patch of grassland behind Batley's Cash and Carry warehouse on Chappell Drive.

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The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told the Daily Star he was searching for a fishing spot when he found the dark-haired man and blonde haired woman having sex.

He told the newspaper: "They didn't have a care in the world. This area is right near town, it's a stone's throw from Doncaster College.

"I'm a keen fisherman and sometimes I take my five-year-old daughter with me – what if we'd come across that together?"

The shocked onlooker said the couple were speaking in a foreign language. He spent ten minutes filming the couple's antics from behind a nearby fence.

In the video, which we have seen but are choosing not to publish it as it is too graphic, the man can be seen on top of the woman - who is seen puffing on a cigarette DURING intercourse before discarding the fag end into the undergrowth.

The full clip is freely available to view on various Doncaster related Facebook groups including a page called Doncaster Talk.

The video comes just weeks after a photo of man groping a woman's bottom outside a Doncaster taxi office went viral on social media. Shortly afterwards, another photo of a woman performing a sex act on a man in Bower's Fold was also widely circulated on Facebook.