‘Pensioners are losing out’ claims Dearne Labour MP

Michael Dugher MP
Michael Dugher MP

More than 1,000 pensioners in part of the Dearne will receive a rise in the state pension of less than £1 and not nearly £3 the government recently promised.

Wombwell and Darfield MP Michael Dugher said figures he obtained from the Department for Work and Pensions showed 1,160 pensioners in his Barnsley East constituency will receive a rise in the state pension of just 87p.

He called for more openness and honesty from the government after ministers announced last week that the basic state pension would go up by 2.5 per cent from April, providing single people with £2.85 more a week.

The government since accepted that up to 1.6 million pensioners would see a rise of just 87p in their state pension income. The lower than expected rise is set to effect at least 51,980 in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Mr Dugher said: “It’s time for the government to treat pensioners in Barnsley with respect and be up front about the value of their pensions.”

A spokesman for the DWP asserted the move would still “protect the poorest pensioners.”