Doncaster set to bake in three month heatwave after hottest weekend of the year

Doncaster could bask in blazing temperatures this summer.
Doncaster could bask in blazing temperatures this summer.

Doncaster is set to bake in a three month heatwave after the hottest weekend of the year.

Britain enjoyed the hottest day of the year so far on Sunday, marking the beginning of a scorching three months ahead that could see highs of up to 86F (30C).

It was the hottest April day since 2015, with the mercury soaring to 78F (25.5C) - hotter than parts of Australia and even higher than the 71F (21.4F) that prompted a national rush to beaches and parks on Saturday.

It marks the start of a three-month heatwave, which will see the mercury rise above 80F and a much dryer climate than usual, the Met Office predicts.

Government weather forecasters have predicted the above-average temperatures over the coming three months in a briefing to Government officials.

June has seen highs of 80F to 88F in each of the past five years, Met Office records show.

And rainfall is tipped to be slightly lower than normal, the Met Office said, reducing the risk of showers dampening BBQs.

The sizzle ahead is due to hot air expected to arrive from the tropics, Africa and the Mediterranean, Government forecasters said.

Warm seas plus high pressure - which brings warm and dry conditions from late spring - will also boost the mercury.

The Met Office three-month forecast is being briefed to the Cabinet Office, councils, transport bosses and businesses.