Doncaster folk are vinda-losers in spicy South Yorkshire curry stakes

Can you handle your curry?
Can you handle your curry?

Doncaster curry lovers are vinda-losers when it comes to who can handle the hottest curries in South Yorkshire.

For Sheffield has been crowned number one in the county in a survey of who can handle the hottest dishes.

Cookery queen Hari Ghotra has created a fascinating map of the UK’s curry preferences how hot people like their curries in different parts of the country.

And Sheffield takes the crown in South Yorkshire, ahead of Doncaster in second spot with Rotherham and then Barnsley trailing in last place.

Hari collected five years’ worth of tweets about curries, and assigned a ‘heat rating’ to each one.

Then she mapped the tweets to provide an overview of where people were tweeting about which types of curry.

Sheffield folk scored an eye-watering heat rating of 427 - way ahead of Doncaster on 293. But Rotherham and Barnsley lagged even further behind with scores of 142 and 124 respectively.

And softy Isle of Axholme folk scored worst on the list - they prefer their dishes extra mild in the North Lincolnshire area with a score of 52.

Nationally, in the north, city-dwellers typically prefer hotter curries than their country cousins, while in the south it’s the other way around.