Doncaster Council issues warning after 'rare beast' sighting

Doncaster Council's Civic Offices.
Doncaster Council's Civic Offices.

Doncaster Council has issued warnings of sightings of a 'rare beast' luring people in Doncaster into peril.

But before you start panicking that there's some sort of monster or big cat on the prowl, the tongue in cheek 'warning' was actually part of a series of tweets by the authority about the current heatwave.

The Council's Twitter account, which is known for its jokey nature, posted a series of messages issueing the warning about the recent spell of sunny weather - and how local TV weather presenters Paul Hudson, Jon Mitchell and Owain Wyn Evans had been drafted in to deal with the crisis.

The council tweeted: "We've had reported sightings of a rare beast luring residents out into streets and gardens across the Doncaster area to their peril.

"Local experts @JonMitchellITV @Hudsonweather and @OwainWynEvans have confirmed evidence of the lesser-spotted British Summer lurking around the borough. We ask ALL residents to STAY CALM and follow some precautionary steps in the first instance.

"Please remain vigilant. The beast is reportedly emitting temperatures in the late 20's and can strike without reason.

"Approved safety zones have been agreed to protect the public: - Shady areas - Your house - Other buildings - Cold places."

"Our experts are also recommending CAMOUFLAGE as an essential form of protection. Move slowly to avoid detection, and where possible, use sun-cream, loose-fitting clothes and a hat should you need to move around the borough whilst the threat remains.

"BE AWARE It is HIGH LIKELY that the beast will continue to grow throughout the week and into the weekend. We are preparing responsive action with our heat retaliation task force. Follow us closely on social media for updates, and may the odds be ever in your favour."