Don Your Way column: Why the heatwave is getting me hot under the collar

Are you coping in the heatwave in Doncaster?
Are you coping in the heatwave in Doncaster?

So, how are we all coping as Doncaster continues to bake in the heatwave?

A few continuous days of sunshine in this country and as usual, panic and chaos sets in - hosepipe bans, roads melting, beer running out and all the rest.

It doesn’t seem to matter whatever weather we get, us Brits are gloriously inept at dealing with it.

Snow? Schools close, trains grind to a halt, the roads snarl up.

Wind? Weather warnings, power lines brought down and people being warned to stay indoors.

Rain? That will be flood warnings aplenty and cars getting stuck in three inches of rainwater, then.

I’m pretty sure that most other countries don’t come to a shuddering halt just because ‘it’s a bit warm/cold/windy/rainy/foggy/cloudy’ (delete as applicable).

Yellow warnings for this, red warnings for that, the hottest/coldest/whatever day since records began, us Brits are obessed with the weather and whatever it throws at us is now turned into a massive national drama.

Back in the summer of 1976 (which we’ve all heard a lot about and which is endlessly trotted out as soon as the mercury rises) I’m sure we didn’t have this sort of carry on (although being four at the time and more concerned about where the next ice pop was coming from rather than whether the local reservoir was bone dry and there was a stand pipe down the street, I can’t be exactly sure).

But times were definitely different.

People just got on with stuff. The nation didn’t come to a grinding stop.

The same people who are complaining now about it being ‘too hot’ are no doubt the same folk who were grumbling about the Beast from the East and putting stuff like ‘roll on summer’ on Facebook just a few months back as we shivered and slipped our way to work and school.

No doubt your Facebook wall has been awash with pictures of car thermometers, paddling pools, pints of beer on pub tables and people baked lobster red by forgetting to stick on the sun cream.

That’s not to mention snaps of barbecues, ice creams and whatever else summery that people want to share pictures of. Not that that’s always a bad thing of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the warm weather of the summer months - I just can’t be doing with the sideshow and rigmarole that comes with it. It wasn’t called ‘extreme’ weather back in the day and we didn’t need to be warned every five minutes.

It was hot and sunny and we just got on with stuff as best we could

And of course, when the warm weather eventually does give way (which, let’s face it, it probably has by the time you read this) we’ll all be complaining about how we needed a bit of rain to cool things down but why can’t it be summer again?

You have to laugh.