Could you give stunning cat Leo a loving home?

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The search is on to find a loving home for this stunning black and white domestic cat.

Aged just over three, Leo was rescued by an inspector from the Sheffield branch of the RSPCA after being spotted unable to walk after a suspected road traffic accident.

He was rushed straight to a vet, where an X-ray revealed ligament damage. After many weeks of pain reflief and strict cage rest, his condition as gradually improved, and he’s now finally healed enough for a fresh start in a new loving home.

Leo is as friendly as he is handsome and he demands cuddles and attention from his human friends. Although he can be a little shy around new people, if the introduction is slow, calm and quiet, it isn’t long before he’s anyone’s best mate.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “On arrival with us, he spent his first few days hiding in his safe den, which is understandable after what he’d been through. He was soon settled though, and began to happily and vocally greet his carers, especially at meal times.

“Leo’s ligament damage has weakened his back leg has left him with a slightly odd gait at times. There is a possibility that he may have recurring issues with this leg in the future. Here in the cattery environment he currently engages in less exercise than he will in a home, especially when he begins going outdoors again. Our vet has advised he is given the opportunity to live a normal life, including access to the outdoors. Whether he will be affected by his injury in the future remains to be seen, so a potential owner will need to keep a close eye on him.”