Breathing apparatus installed to help dying fish at Sheffield park

Graves Park.
Graves Park.

Equipment to help dying fish breathe at a popular Sheffield park is being installed after the heatwave killed several carp and roach.

Hot weather is being blamed for the deaths at Graves Park - and pumps are now being fitted to the park's fishing pond in a bid to help fish in the lake breathe.

Scores of dead fish have been found in the park.

Scores of dead fish have been found in the park.

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Paul Billington, Sheffield City Council's Director of Culture and Environment said: “We are aware that a small number of fish at Graves Park have died.

"This is due to the hot weather and a lack of water flow into the lakes.

"We are now installing pumps to aerate the fishing pond to help reduce the problems for the fish.”

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The bodies of several roach and carp have been found in the park's pond over the last few days.

An Environment Agency spokesman said: "This is not unusual for the time of year as it is spawning season and often low oxygen due to low water levels can cause fish to become stressed.

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"We are monitoring the situation across the country and would urge members of the public to report these kind of incidents which show that fish are struggling to us."

Anyone wanting to report concerns over dead fish in local parks, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams can contact the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.