Bakers sought to make free birthday cakes for disadvantaged Doncaster children

Bakers are being sought to help bake free birthday cakes for disadvantaged children in Doncaster.

Free Cakes For Kids Doncaster wants to hear from amateur bakers who can help create cakes in their own kitchens as well as families who are unable to provide a cake for their child’s birthday, for whatever reason.

Could you make cakes for children who might not get one in Doncaster?

Could you make cakes for children who might not get one in Doncaster?

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A spokesman said: “Any child who would not otherwise receive a cake on their birthday is eligible to receive a free cake from us.

“This may be due to financial reasons such as benefits or poverty or circumstances such as health issues and disabilities.”

“We believe every child deserves a cake designed just for them on their special day.”

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There is no strict criteria for age, so parents and carers of babies to teenagers are welcome to request a cake. 

Applicants have to show proof of difficulty requests cannot be taken more than a month in advance.

“When we receive a request, we match the family with a local volunteer who goes on to bake the cake with the child's favourite theme in mind. From fairies to footballs, we try our best to give the child a cake that's special to them,” the spokesman added.

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Requests are sent out to bakers every Monday and volunteer bakers make the cakes in their own kitchens.

Free Cakes for Kids Doncaster is part of the UK network of Free Cakes for Kids charities and there are local branches all over the UK.

For details on how to become a baker or for more details on requesting a cake, call 07592173744 or email